Jurassic History

People have been making their mark on the Jurassic coast for over  six thousand years. The Iron Age fortification of Maiden Castle is the largest of its kind in Europe but was no match for the Roman invaders as the bones of their victims in Dorchester Museum show. 

The Saxons followed ...Alfred the great  raising the great earth ramparts at Wareham as defence against the Norse invaders. Later  the 12c Corfe Castle was to valiantly resist seige in the Civil War only to be partially demolished by the victorious Roundheads.

A short time later the Monmouth Rebellion was brutally crushed  and savage reprisals meted out by the infamous Judge Jeffries.

The birth pains of  Labour reform occured here  with the transportation of the Tolpuddle Martyrs; while our first Jurassic Coast summer visitor, George III made Weymouth his resort of choice in 1789. Even the future Queen Victoria was much amused in Sidmouth during her summer holidays.