Explore The Area

The Jurassic Coast is home to an amazingly eclectic bunch of inhabitants.
Thanks to modern communications, people now can live and work where once they could only dream of holidaymaking. It's an easygoing society, not at all hard to integrate into.
And who said the countryside is boring?
Festivals, artists, authors, celebrity chefs, musicians-
they are as many as the stars in the clear sky.

Beyond the hurly burly of traffic jams and frayed tempers it is surprisingly easy to find unique hidden corners. Invest in a good (1:25000) footpath map, a rucksack and some cheese and cream crackers and you can enter a Jurassic coast where the only noise comes from the  the bees and the only jams are homemade.

Few things beat the feeling of arriving at your journey’s end by foot, paddle or saddle while the tempers of car-borne lemmings fray in the heat. Try it!

The Jurassic Coast has some superb walking and cycling due to its incredible network of footpaths and bridleways. Stunning ridge walks run parallel to the coast and offer really rewarding views for relatively little effort.The added bonus is that you’re never too far from a village or two offering a delicious pub lunch or cream tea to replace all those calories you may have burned off.